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3D Printed: Replica Pen

3D Printed: Replica Pen

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Bundle: Pen & Diary

The models used for this product were constructed from scratch. This product is unofficial/parody.

These pens are functional replicas and feature raised details. They are printed in 5 different colors of PLA filament. All pens will ship fully assembled.

While the pens look like traditional inkwell pens, they are functionally ball point pens equipped with a long lasting 1.0mm tip.

Total overall length of the pens are 7.375 Inches (18.73cm)

Please be aware there are 2 variations available for purchase.

"Pen Only" Includes:
• 1 Replica Pen

"Bundle: Pen & Diary" Includes:
• 1 Replica Pen
• 1 NOJ / NOE Diary, along with the included sticker sheet.

Please be aware that these are 3D printed and will contain layer lines.

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