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3D Printed: Replica Flute (Version N) Private

3D Printed: Replica Flute (Version N) Private

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The models used for this product were constructed from scratch. This product is unofficial/parody.

The main body of these Flutes are fully 3D Printed.

The overall length is 20 in (50.8cm)

This design is aimed towards recreating the flutes in both appearance and in overall size. The hole patterns are designed to match traditional Shinobue Flutes that play in the key of C.

These flutes are printed in 4 different colors of PLA filament. The only painted portion of this flute is the red fade. The rest of the flute body is printed in different colors of PLA.

Because of the limited availability any excessive order quantities are subject to cancellation.


All flutes contain seamlines on the back as a result of the 3D printing process.
Please be aware that these are 3D printed and will contain layer lines.

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