Upgrades to the work space

Upgrades to the work space

The print room has been overhauled! Jena and I spent the whole weekend powering through to get everything finished up. I’m really happy with how things are looking now! Along with a better layout for storage the room also has a much more optimized area for the printers.

Old layout: The problems,

Before 2 of the printers were sitting up on IKEA Kallax units where they could purge scrap material directly into large boxes making scrap collection simple. The bins only had to be emptied about every other week. On the other hand the 3 printers on the next wall over were not only cramped with AMS units spanning the tops of them. But there was little to no room for scrap collection. Just a little green tub that had to be monitored once or twice a day.

While I was brainstorming to try and optimize for the best way to collect scrap material I threw together the layout you see now. This layout uses 6 Vihals IKEA units. They can fit either 2 X1C’s or 1 X1C & an AMS Unit.

I built the platform with channels for bins to easily slide between the cabinets and collect all of the scrap. The cabinets are offset to allow for space to access the baskets on each end. This scrap trough also doubles as a way to store all of my mailing tubes out of the way to reduce clutter. (Which were/are used for the full length Lucky Seven swords that I need to start producing again) 

So far these cabinets seem to be extremely sturdy especially after everything was screwed together. There is plenty of space to add another 2-4 printers in this area. Depending on my demand for 8 color prints.

The makeshift workbench that was previously used for packing and assembling prints has been moved and expanded to the other side of the room. It also still holds my CR-30 Belt Printer, which I need to get up and running again. Especially since I’m planning on running the blade for Jin’s sword on it.

The Kallax unit and top of the old dresser make for a nice area to store new boxes of filament. Along with finished and in-process items.

Overall, I’m super pleased with the upgraded space! The X1C’s are all back in action and will be running flutes again as of this morning.

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