Pandy’s Staff: Complete!

Pandy’s Staff: Complete!

The staff is fully complete and has been delivered to @mag_2ai safely! I wanted to take this opportunity to not only show off the finished model, but also discuss a few things I learned along the

First off let me just say that I absolutely love this graphite filament, it gives the staff a great rock like look. However, I learned the hard way that this stuff will not stick to the print bed for more than 15 hours. After numerous print failures I finally tried printing a different color on the first layer and wow what do you. The rest of the prints all stuck

When it comes to the design itself, I feel the staff is pretty rigid and sturdy. There’s dowel rods that span across the inside to give the staff additional strength. However, there is one area that I would definitely want to change if I were to ever make another staff. That would be the blue spikes which protrude out of the side of this staff detail. In retrospect these pieces should be removable. This would allow for much easier shipping and transporting. Along with the reassurance that they could be replaced if they were to ever

When I have some free time I would like to do some work in the background on updating the model and possibly making a version of it available for purchase. If there’s interest in that I would love to hear it. I should probably get back to making DIY kits available again as

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