Initial Mask Progress

Initial Mask Progress

After receiving a few requests to make masks, I've decided to officially start working on them. I figured why not make the masks primarily display pieces. That way anyone can proudly display them alongside their collections.

The first 3 masks I have started messing with are Jin's, M's, & N's. These are the most requested thus far.

All 3 masks were sculpted in Nomad Sculpt.

Out of the 3, Jin's mask was the easiest to move forward with. The curvature allows the mask to fit a persons face and the display base was very intuitive to come up with.

On the other hand, M & N's masks need a lot more tweaking. The masks hardly have any curvature to them and hardly conform to a persons face. I plan to redesign these masks in the future. It's going to require a bit of fine tuning to create a replica that looks true to form but is actually tweaked to allow for it to be worn.

The base design has also given me a bit of a road block on this project. All I know for sure is that I'd like to include a raised mobius strip in the base design. The rest of the design is not working for me.

As of now, Jin's mask will move forward to be a future product with a few minor tweaks. Meanwhile, M & N's masks will remain on the drawing boards for a little while longer.

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